Women’s Empowerment Course

Can you relate to any of these women?

  • “I haven’t felt like myself for a while. Honestly, I feel like I only exist to serve others. I say what people want to hear, and I do what people expect me to do. Other than that, I have no sense of direction at all. My life doesn’t belong to me anymore.”
  • “There are things that happened to me in the past that I’ve never really gotten over. I feel like a failure and I’m paralyzed by shame. Right now, it’s hard to identify anything good about the person I’ve become. I’ve disappointed myself and so many others.”
  • “It feels like years are passing without me even noticing. I’m so busy with my to-do list each day that I’m barely aware of what’s going on around me. Whether at home or at work, I’m just going through the motions. It’s been this way for so long that the prospect of change is overwhelming.”

There is a better way to live.

Whether you recognize it or not, you have something valuable and unique to contribute to this world. When you deny this fact, you deprive yourself and others.

Through this online course, you will uncover your gifts, reclaim your power, and become the woman you were always meant to be.

Why is women’s empowerment so important?

I’m Debbie Jian – a mother, wife, life coach, spiritual advisor, and co-founder of Vital Transformation. In my daily life I embody many identities, but I am a woman first and foremost. That means I understand the unique difficulties that we women face in our path to self-fulfilment. I designed this course especially for us because — let’s face it — the global community needs the wisdom, power, and beauty of women now more than ever. I believe that when a woman lives as her truest self, she liberates other women to do the same. In doing so, she makes the world a better place! My mission is to empower you to manifest your many gifts.

What is included in this course?

When you begin this course and commit to reclaiming your gifts as a woman, you receive a 30 minute evaluation and life coaching session with me, Debbie Jian. In this session, we will discuss the vision you have for your life as well as the obstacles you are experiencing while working to manifest it. This will provide a more profound understanding of where you are and where you’re going on your journey towards empowerment.

For only $29.99, you can experience the transformative benefits of this personal session as well as access to 9 exclusive videos. This series of videos provides insight, instruction, and exercises on the following themes:

  • Defining Self-Image
    Who are you really, and what are you here to do?
  • Formative Years
    What parts of you did you surrender, and how can you reclaim them?
  • Understanding Our Gifts
    What are your natural gifts, and why are they essential?
  • Refining the Giving Process
    How can you share your gifts, and what are the benefits of doing so?
  • Achieving True Balance
    How can you live in harmony with others and enjoy your life in the moment?
  • Having a Sense of Direction
    What is your higher purpose, and how do you know when you’re betraying it?
  • Understanding Failure
    Why does failure happen, and what does it mean for your sense of self?
  • Communication
    How can you honor your boundaries and build more reciprocal relationships?
  • Manifestation
    Once you’ve identified your goals, what must you do to move ideas into action?

Each video includes a guided meditation — which will reunite you with your truest self — and an activity designed to help you put these teachings into immediate action.

How will this course transform my life?

By participating in this course, you will:

  • Harness the power of meditation as a tool for growth.
  • Reframe past experiences and remove negativity to embrace self acceptance.
  • Declutter your vision so you can focus on your goals and your gifts.
  • Learn how to assert boundaries, unlocking the power of yes by finally saying no.
  • Feel inspired to pursue a meaningful life in alignment with your purpose.
  • Turn your feelings — yes, even fear — into your guide and motivation.
  • Be empowered to bravely live a full and fulfilling life.

If you’ve never considered dedicating this time and attention to yourself before, I totally understand. As women, we absorb so many conflicting messages about our purpose; often we feel completely defined by the roles we play for others. It’s natural that we resist or feel anxious when invited to put ourselves first! But you were made to be so much more. Remember, there’s nothing noble about self-sacrifice: it’s selfish to withhold your gifts from the world!

I believe that all women deserve success, happiness, and to have their worth recognized. Do you? This course will provide the direction and insight you need to live as your best self every day, and it only costs $29.99.

Included in this cost is access to a series of 9 videos on the challenges that we face as women as well as a one-on-one life coaching session tailored to your specific needs. You deserve the life that you’re dreaming of, and — with my support — it can be yours.

  • Honor your light.
  • Live with purpose.
  • Embody your gifts.
  • Manifest your potential.
  • Become an empowered woman.