Passover at Vital Transformation

April 8th - 7:00 pm
April 9th - 7:00 pm

1471 South Crest Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90035



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About this event

Passover is a festival of freedom. It commemorates the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt, and their transition from slavery to freedom. The main ritual of Passover is the seder, which occurs on the first two nights of the holiday — a festive meal that involves the re-telling of the Exodus through stories and songs and the consumption of ritual foods.

*Packages available

Passover Seder – Wednesday, April 8th – 7:00 pm
$260 per person $400 per couple

Second Night o Passover – Thursday, April 9th – 7:00 pm
$260 per person $400 per couple

Shabbat Passover. – Friday Night 10th and Saturday 11th
$101 per person $150 per couple

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