Everyone has issues in their lives that could be improved upon, and often it’s just a matter of getting in touch with your true self in order to unleash your spiritual power and find the way to a better, more fulfilling life.

Debbie Jian seeks to help women find their spiritual path so that they can achieve the life they want and deserve – one that has purpose, filled with love and brings inner well-being.

Debbie offers consultation packages as follows:

Consultations are available for women who:

  • Are looking to find “The One”.
  • Are seeking a purpose-filled life.
  • Want to identify and use their unique gifts.
  • Want to reveal the self-confidence they never knew they had, or create, the self-confidence that has been lacking in their lives.
  • Are having difficulty identifying their true desires.
  • Want to find their power in business relationships or intimacy.
  • Need to harness their power in other ways.
  • Are setting up roadblocks to intimacy.
  • Need to connect to their true selves.
  • Need to find better ways of parenting.
  • Are not using the full potential of their female energy.

As stated, sometimes one consultation is all that’s required, but you might need a coaching package that can continue as needed, usually on a monthly basis as you grow, change, find your purpose in life and achieve your dreams.

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