Together, we will journey to find your unique life path.


Get in touch with your true self

I will help guide you towards shaping your life choices and reaching your desired outcomes. Your life can change, and together we will embrace that change.


$ 250 Per session

This discovery session will guide you to understand where you are now and where you desire to venture towards.


$ 600 Per package

This series of three sessions is your time for growth. Using a variety of tools and exercises, you can begin achieving your short-term goals.


$ 1000 Per package

This series of six sessions will guide you how you can bring your vision to life.

Start Living Again

My Promise

All it takes is one chat to point you in the right direction to fulfilling your happiest life. If there are dreams you seek to make reality, purpose you seek to discover, or a connection you hope to make with someone in your life, begin your journey by choosing one of the packages.

My approach is all about empowerment! Together, we will take the necessary steps to explore what is most important to you, redefining your goals, and getting you on the path for growth and change.

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