My journey

My own spiritual journey has led to straightforward but powerful techniques to help women connect to their true selves to become beacons of light.

Mission and purpose

My Story

For over 21 years, my lessons incorporate spiritual principles, that guide women to discovering their purpose, connect to their souls, and building confidence in their personal relationships, from the inside out.

My days are also invested in managing Vital Transformation, a non-profit organization co-founded by my husband Eliyahu and I, writing and translating books, creating new courses and video content, planning trips and retreats…alongside shaping all of this into an impactful social enterprise.

I am a mother of three, proud wife, spiritual coach and advisor.

No matter the role you’ve taken on, as a daughter, wife, mother, friend, career or businesswoman, or all of the above, your spiritual essence needs to shine through, too. There’s always room to live more authentically and find greater purpose in our lives.

Let’s work together so you can find fulfillment and purpose in everything you do.

«Being spiritual means taking responsibility for everything that is going on in your life!»

Nothing happens to you by chance. You create it, and attract it, one way or another. It also means understanding that there is a higher power that only wants good for us.


Where your journey begins

I will help guide you towards shaping your life choices and reaching your desired outcomes. Your life can change, and together we will embrace that change.


$ 250 Per session

This discovery session will guide you to understand where you are now and where you desire to venture towards.


$ 600 Per package

This series of three sessions is your time for growth. Using a variety of tools and exercises, you can begin achieving your short-term goals.


$ 1000 Per package

This series of six sessions will guide you how you can bring your vision to life.

Let’s work together


Whether you are hosting a women’s retreat, conference or corporate team-building event, we can work together to align our mission and purpose. I contribute regularly throughout the Los Angeles area, to strategize with empowered groups of women to make the greatest positive impact. With my contribution to your events, we will dive into the realm of the soul and discuss matters that go beyond this lifetime.


Wellness Retreats

Disconnect from the world and reconnect with your mind, body, and soul.

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Find success within your physical and spiritual achievements. Join us, so you can enjoy the happy and fulfilling life you deserve.

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