When you experience one of Debbie’s retreats, you can expect to do a lot of work getting deep into your soul and identifying how to become the best “version” of you that you can be.

Each retreat and exercise will be different, but some of the topics you can expect include:

1. Your Personal Life Journey

On the first day, you will discover who you are – not what you have achieved in life, but who you have become. To do this, you’ll go back even before your conception to find out who you were before your body was created. You’ll work with others to find out how intuitive you are, and you’ll participate in exercises.

2. Sharing of Gifts and Wisdom

With this exercise, you will divide off into pairs. Each of you will share with your partner a difficulty that you are having in your life. You will listen to one another, try to help your partner identify her own unique gift, and then switch off.

3. Manifesting Yourself in the World

In this life, you are what you give. So with this exercise, you will explore your ability to share. What do you want to receive? What do you want to share? And more…

4. Rejection Issues

Do you really know how to receive? What have you received in your life? How have you appreciated it? What have you given, and how has it been received? In this retreat, you’ll learn how to share with the world in order to transform yourself from within. You’ll also learn how much you’re willing to do.

5. Foundation and Sustenance

In this exercise, you’ll be asked to choose a number of things – first, a book that you love. Now, who is your favorite historical leader? What was it about him or her that inspired you? How did they teach you to overcome every single time, and never give up no matter what the obstacles?

Each retreat will be a bit different, depending on your location, but Debbie will guide you through the process and bring you to a greater understanding of your purpose and a realization of your spiritual goals.

Retreats range in price starting at $200 per person for a group of 10 people for 2 days and can vary depending on the context of the retreat.

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