Are you holding an event that is designed to empower women? Debbie Jian is available to speak and offer consultations about spirituality and female empowerment. Because she is committed to helping women with spiritual issues, her fee is modest – just $25 per hour.

All you need to do is write to her at to get a final quote for your seminar, workshop or keynote address. Topics that Debbie covers include:

Finding the right person to share your life with and ridding yourself of the roadblocks that keep love from entering

• Creating and operating an ethical business founded on female spirituality

• Recognizing your own unique gifts and realizing your true potential

• Connecting to your true self by tapping your female energy

• Discovering your role as a woman and mother in your household

• Finding self-awareness and self-love

Building confidence and increasing influence by using your female energy Packages can be tailored to individual requirements, and Debbie is also happy to work with other spiritual leaders in joint seminars.

To find out more about Debbie’s solo seminars, or to register for a seminar, visit